Literary Analysis - 9

This year the 9th graders are going to take a look at character.  We are going to define the ways in which people define themselves and get defined as well.  As a class we will analyyze stereotypes and their affects, parental influence, perspective, innocence, how events define us, etc.

Our guiding quetion is a simple one:

"What defines who we are: people, culture, or events?"

Over the couse of the year we will look at four different content areas:

1) A Step from Heaven (a look at how family and culture define who we are in a world of change)

2) Romeo and Juliet (how do those we "love" define us?)

3) Monster (how do steryotypes, bias, and the media affect self-definition?)

4) Persepolis (what is the stronger influence in defining character: family, culture, or events?)

By learning how others define themselves, and who or what defines them, we can learn to define ourselves the way we want to - free from influence.