Literary Analysis - 10


This year the 10th graders are going to take a mental and emotional look at the nature of ethics.  As a class we will define our own ethical standards, and then analyze different examples of ethics in action to see how that original definition can (*and will) change.

The question guiding our analysis is:

"What makes something Ethical?"


"Can there be one definition of 'wrong' (unethical) to apply to ANY situation?"

Over the couse of the year we will look at four differnet content areas:

1) The Giver (justifiying the creation of peace through unethical means)

2) V for Vandetta (a look at how perspective/bias affects ethics)

3) Farenheight 451 (a look at how fallacies affect logic and therefore ethics)

4) Free Speech Supreme Court Law (to analyze the affects of personal ethics on public rights)

With a strong understanding our ethics and our individual responsibility to seek out the truth, these 10th graders will be better prepared to navigate the world of lies, deception, and unethical behavior.