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Surfs Up...Catch the Learning Wave! 2010-2011

Spring has Sprung!!  I feel it in the air, see it in the rain and hear it in our classroom!  We are busy buzzing little bees!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Easter weekend.  It is such a busy but fun time of the year.  Remember to continue checking and sending folders, studying spelling words, practicing math facts and READING!!  Your support at home is so helpful at school.

DATES to know

3rd-4th grade testing starts this week.  We will be supporting them by being flexible with our schedules, quiet with our feet and voices and with our encouraging words!!

Second Grade Field Trip~Orr Family Farm~Friday, May 13th

                    please return permission slips and money asap! 


 Story & Spelling Words for 4-25 to 4-29

Jingle Dancer

1. midair                

9.  midyear

2. misplace            

10. mismatch

3. mislead             

11. misdeed

4. midway             

 12. mistake

5. misprint            

 13. midstream

6. midday              

14. midnight

7. midweek           

15. misbehavior

8. misbehave                   

 Dictation Sentences:

1.  We are midway through the year.

2.  Slow down so you don’t make a mistake!



Get 2 Months for $5!