Science Olympiad Registration

Wilcox Central High School

Science Olympiad Registration Form

***The most significant factor in Science Olympiad (besides you committing to join of course) is your ability to communicate within the team.  Provide the following information, so that I can notify you of practices and you can communicate easily with teammates.  You will need to check your email daily.  We may also be setting up a twitter account.  Registration fees cover consumables, T shirt and food for regional competition.  Checks will be collected the first week of school.

This registration is for what level
This registration is for which competition  Note - after doing SO form, if you'd like to do SB or SF, just put name and this other option if your interested.  Do not complete the form again with SB or SF.
Student first name (Joan)
Student last name (Crocker)
Email of Student or leave blank
Cell phone of Student or leave blank
Grade this upcoming year
Birthday (3/22/99)
Student T-shirt size in adults sizes
Are you a citizen of the U.S.?
If no, then of what country
If you parents would like a T shirt, please indicate their size(s) (this is an extra $12 per T)
What type of pizza do you like?
Are you a vegetarian?
ASK your parent if their work might be interested in advertising on our T-shirt for a donation to SO

(donations can be between $50 and $500 and the relative size of the donation determines the size of the advertisement)

One Parent/Contact name (Tom Jones)
Phone Number for Contact (3345550000)
Contact Cell Phone if Applicable(3345550000)
Contact Address (1253 Sanders St.)
Contact Email of Parent (only if they wish to receive emails) or leave blank)



***The second most significant factor a successful team possesses is coaching time.  The more coaches we have, the more time we can dedicate to individual events and individual participants.  The following are jobs that can be performed by parents to help the team or coaches.

Event Parent  - in an event that their child is in - parent might pick up supplies, arrange for food or provide rides between Drake and AJHS.  This parents works with event coach on one event your child is in.  
Assistant Coach - Attends some event meetings and may fill in for coach, manages student focus during meetings, takes attendance, xerox study guides etc., researches specific topics, may perform some of the duties of an event parent.
Parent Coach - takes over an event and is responsible for organizing and presenting material.  If a student coach is in an event, then you might be able to just organize that student coach depending on their abilities to lead during meetings.

Other ideas that I can explain with an email:

Regional Food National Travel Food Reservations Event Coaches x 23 Walmart, Lowes and Hobbytown Coordinator
State Food National Travel Extra Science Activities Assistant Coach x 23 Internet Search Guru
National Travel Planner National Swap Meet Coordinator Event Parent Coordinator Event Parents x 23
Permission Slip Checker Swap meet gofers x 5 T shirt pickup Ride Coordinator
State Event Sentries Errand Runner x 5 Spirit Coordinator Saturday Meeting Chaperones x 5
State Photos x 3 National Photos x 3 Transportation x 8 Regional Photos x 3

ASK what your parent/guardian  might be willing to assist with (good teams have all their parents participating)?  Examples - errands, transportation, food, chaperone, coaching, assistant coaching or an event parent) .  If coaching or event parent, events meet once every three weeks.  I will have multiple meetings to help parent coaches get started.  A coach may organize and present material, while an event parent might be a chaperone in a room only.  NOTE - if you want to participate in an engineering event, your parent or an adult partner must be present to assist in the building of the device.

I have asked or shown my parents about the many ways they can help
My parent (s) would like to assist in this way:
If the parent is coaching, what event or leave blank  
If the parent is coaching, good days during the week or weekend to meet:
Do you want to be in an engineering event?
examples might include airplanes, trebuchets, towers or robots.
Do you have an adult partner to assist you in building?

Fill out events you did well in if applicable - list highest level of competition first (national):

Last Year's Event Placed Level (Regional, State, National)