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      Updated Sunday, October 18 at 4:00 PM  

Another week together!  So grateful for all the time I get to spend teaching in the classroom and with your little ones.  I know the numbers are on the rise, but I continue to hope we will stay open so the kids can be together, and they can have a nontraditional/traditional year in kindergarten.  

So far, we have worked on strengthening our foundational layers, and are beginning to move into new territory across the content areas.  This can be both a tricky and exciting time for learners.  My hope is to continue to feed their curiosity and leverage their interest as we head into November and the many adventures that await us! 


Sketching leaves in ART...

First, we took a walk around the school to find the perfect leaves to use during Art.


                         Ready....                                                    Set....                                                   Let's go!                                                



   Students really took their time looking closely at the detail of each leaf.  The size, the edges, the veins.

        Their work came home Friday in their SHARK folders!  I hope you enjoyed their sketches.



Thursday, October 22 - Brookfield Elementary Pumpkin Patch and Virtual Field Trip 

  • Please send a bag to help your child carry their pumpkin back to the classroom and then home.
  • Students should wear flannel (if possible).


Friday, October 30th - Fall Celebration and Crazy Hat Day.  The kids can wear one they already have or make one of their own (please make sure it is comfortable and manageable).