30 Topics that Every University Students Should Check Out

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Since topic selection is one of the most dreaded aspects of essay writing process, this blog is all about interesting ideas. Consider the prompts below to get started:

  1. Non-traditional schools are more adjustable to real life.
  2. Should court proceedings be documented?
  3. Is the notion of ‘honor’ getting obsolete in today’s society?
  4. Is there no privacy on social media platforms like Facebook?
  5. What steps are you taking to fulfil your ambition?
  6. Are patriotism and nationalism same? Elaborate with points.
  7. The Aryan theory is a myth.
  8. Illustrate the negative impacts of technologies

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  1. How to encourage more women to pursue higher degrees in Science?
  2. How countries use diplomacy in foreign policies to de-escalate wars?
  3. Should pharmacists and doctors work more closely?  
  4. Comment for or against psychological egoism
  5. Is Python overtaking Java as far as programming is concerned?
  6. Social media platforms have helped small businesses immensely. Share your thoughts.
  7. What would the year 2050 be like?
  8. College debt affects the lives of students in the future.

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  1. What is the impact of Brexit on the UK?
  2. What is worse? Earthquakes or tsunami?
  3. Explain loneliness as per your understanding
  4. How can you alter your daily schedule in a month?
  5. How is diplomacy used in foreign policies to de-escalate wars?
  6. Share the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines
  7. Share an instance when you battled your worst enemy: procrastination
  8. Your take on ‘Consumerism pollutes Earth’

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  1. Do careers in freelancing have a future?
  2. How do pesticides influence us?
  3. How does ADHD change our lives?
  4. Describe the object that is most valuable to you
  5. Is learning foreign languages crucial for management students?
  6. Comment on whether getting bullied makes a person get mentally stronger.

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