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A principle of operation of the ultrasonic humidifier.

The most effective of existing air humidifiers are ultrasonic. Steam in such humidifiers is created due to high-frequency oscillations with the help of an ultrasonic membrane. Unlike steam and traditional models, their advantage is precise humidity control, the normal temperature of the exhaust stream (not more than 40 ° C) and low noise level. In ultrasonic air humidifiers, water is converted into a microscopic fog, which is then vented to the air in a room where it immediately evaporates.

The biggest

the advantage of an ultrasonic air humidifier is the minimum power consumption. A replaceable cartridge for removing lime ensures the presence of hygienically clean water mist without residues of lime and minerals. Equipped with ultrasonic humidifiers built-in hygrostat and an additional power regulator.

Ultrasonic air humidifiers for the house are completely safe. The water mist is cold; rotating parts not built into the case, no.


If water has a very high lime content, then water softening is a relatively complex process, i.e. The lime removal cartridge must be replaced frequently. The absence of a serviceable cartridge in the air humidifier can lead to the formation of a plaque, for example, on furniture.


In case of obvious calcification, the humidifier must be cleaned with an attached brush. When the lime layer appears, the water tank can be thoroughly cleaned with conventional lime removal agents.

Depending on the lime content in the water, an ultrasonic humidifier requires 2-3 cartridges to remove lime for the season. If, for example, white sediments appear on the furniture, then it means that the cartridges need to be changed more often.

The power of ultrasonic air humidifiers.

To operate the air humidifier and fan, electricity is required (about 40 volts). For evaporation of the fog, the ultrasonic humidifier receives energy from the room heat, so the room temperature may slightly decrease.

The humidifier is traditional.

This type of air humidifier takes dry air, drives it through synthetic discs, or moistened filters and returns to the room moisturized and cleaned. Automatically provides a comfortable level of humidity and does not require additional control.

A special evaporation pad completely absorbs water. The fan passes the dry air of the room through a wet gasket and again secures it, being humidified to the optimum level, into the room. In addition to the humidification process, air purification takes place simultaneously, i.e. it is a conditional clearing of dust and dirt particles. Considering that air, depending on the temperature, absorbs more or less moisture, all humidifiers operating on the principle of cold evaporation automatically provide optimum humidity of the air. Thus, no additional control devices are required.

All humidifiers of this type consume a minimum amount of electricity. The energy for evaporation is extracted from the air in the room.

The advantages of non-heated air humidifiers are that they automatically provide the right level of humidity in the room and are very economical.

With regular cleaning and with the use of antibacterial pads, or with the addition of a preservative, this humidifier from a hygienic point of view is absolutely flawless. The principle of operation of the evaporator excludes the entry of particles of lime and minerals into the air. They remain in the water tank.


When sensitive people are close to a traditional air humidifier, they feel a slight draft. The humidifier must be cleaned regularly, approximately every 2 weeks.


Every 2 weeks, drain all water from the humidifier and thoroughly clean all internal parts with water. Depending on the calcification and contamination, the gasket should be changed 1 to 2 times per season.

For this or that type of evaporator, a suitable evaporation pad or evaporation pads is required. When operating this type of air humidifier, evaporation pads that have not undergone antibacterial treatment, it is recommended that a preservative is regularly added to the water, which prevents the formation of bacteria and increases the evaporation power.

The hygrostat is not needed since non-heated humidifiers optimally humidify the air in an automatic mode. After all, the air absorbs only just enough moisture from the gasket, as much as necessary, taking into account the air temperature. However, the humidifier can also work with a hygrostat. If the temperature is too low at night, then the hygrostat application will prove to be quite appropriate.

Power and energy

This type of humidifier emits in the air from 200 to 350 grams of moisture per hour. Energy for evaporation of the humidifier of this type is obtained from the air of the room. Thus, it somewhat reduces the temperature of the air in the room. The energy for driving the fan blade is fed from the outlet (10 to 20 volts).

Additional benefits

By means of the circulation of air in the room, it is stirred, i.e. air passes through the humidifier. Thus, to a certain extent, dust and dirt particles are trapped, i. E. speaking conditionally, the air is also cleaned, washed. The option of some non-heated humidifiers includes aromatization of the room with essential oils. You can give your apartment a pleasant scent.

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