Nine Best Rehydration Drinks:

Undoubtedly, water is considered the best way to keep a hydrated body. Water has no calories and it effectively plumps up your skin and hydrates the body muscles also. According to the experts, it is essential to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. 

You can intake iced tea, or cold coffee to hydrate yourself, but these kinds of drinks can pull extra fluid from your body as they contain caffeine. You can try Recoverors ORS to hydrate your body effectively.



There are other sources of hydration including fruits and vegetables containing sufficient amounts of water. Other than Ors Hydration, there are some of the alternative sources are hamburgers, Chicken breast, Soup, stew, broth, Jell-O, Grapefruit, Grapes, Watermelon, Fruit juice, sports drinks or flavored waters, Smoothies, etc. 


There are some of the best hydration drinks that positively hydrate the body. 


The Best Hydration Drinks:


  • Water:


Alone water is the best drink for rehydration of your body. You should drink plenty of water to hydrate your body. There are stylish water bottles also available that make drinking water easy. 


  • Milk:


Milk is another good source of hydration. Not only it contains calcium and vitamin D along with protein but it keeps you fueled on even the hottest of days. It is a good option for both adults and kids as well.  


  • Juicy Fruits:


If you are unable to drink plain water the whole day. You can eat juicy fruits like watermelon, cucumber with mint as it is a healthy way to add flavor without adding sugar. You can also add lime and basil to add flavor to your plain water.  




  • Fruit juice:


Usually, fruit juice contains eighty-five percent water that makes it a good hydrating option for individuals. There are vitamins and minerals also in natural fruits that are super healthy. You should keep one thing in your mind while drinking packed fruit juices that have extra sugar added to them. So, drink only fresh natural fruit juice for hydration purposes.    


  • Watermelon:


However, watermelon is not a drink but when you eat it, will deliver ninety-two percent of the liquid in your body. That is much better than any fruit juice. You can also try other hydrated food like muskmelon too.  


  • Sports drinks:


Gatorade is a highly recommended sports drink as it contains high hydrating powers for people who are athletes or indulge in sports activities. It is also available in various flavors that make users drink it quickly when they are feeling thirsty or dehydrated. You should see the amount of carbs content and sugar in the drink while going to purchase. 


  • Herbal Tea:


It is considered to be caffeine-free tea like you can make green tea or lemongrass tea just by adding leaves in hot water. It can be herbal, chamomile in any form like hot or cold. Such types of tea are a good source of antioxidants also. 




  • Coconut water:


Coconut water comprises a minimum of ninety-five percent water content. It is much better than fruit juice as it is healthier and contains all electrolytes naturally. It is the best replacement for electrolyte drinks with no extra sugar. 


  • Milk alternatives:


You can also try other milk alternatives like soy, coconut, or almond. Experts recommend it unsweetened to keep yourself hydrated. So they are safe for adults and kids also. 

You can also use Hydration Powder Drink to replenish electrolytes and water in your body. You can use the Best Hydration Powder to restore all electrolyte elements in your body.

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