Water is Not the Only Option For Hydration. Here Is What You Should Drink?

Whenever you feel thirsty the first thing you will take is the water in a hope that it will satisfy your thirst level. In most cases, water will be able to satisfy your thirst but won't be able to satisfy the needs of electrolytes that your body needs to stay hydrated.


Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium play a vital role in maintaining the hydration of your body. It won’t seem an appropriate option for you than which drink you should consume. This is one of the most important questions most people ask? If you also have a similar question then you should consider reading out this post carefully. Here we will explain the best hydration drink that you should consume to stay hydrated.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the best and natural sources of electrolytes. Most nutritionists across the world have the acceptance of lemon juice or water as the best electrolyte replacement drinks that every individual should drink two times a day to stay hydrated. It won’t take too much time to prepare lemon juice. If you’re an athlete then definitely it can be considered as the savior for you.

2. Milk

You might not be aware of the fact that milk is also considered the best rehydration drink in comparison to water. Milk is highly recommended when your body experiences a lack of good quality carbs, protein, and sodium. These essential nutrients make it possible for your body to retain fluids.

3. Coconut

Undoubtedly coconut is another great source of electrolytes that is highly recommended by specialists. It contains low calories yet the maximum amount of hydration nutrients i.e. potassium that makes it is one of the Best Rehydration Drink. The most important thing that makes coconut water the best option comes from nature and causes no side effects.

4. Cucumber Juice

If you take a look at the ingredients of cucumber then you will find that cucumber contains more than 90% water that is the best alternative option to stay hydrated when water won’t seem to be an appropriate option. If you have to choose between vegetable juice and fruit juice. It would be beneficial if you go for vegetable juice because the natural sweetness of the fruits contains additional calories and prompt fat. However, if you still wish to consume then you should give preferences to the orange juice. Orange juice contains more electrolyte replacement supplements than vegetable juice.

5. Herbal Teas

Herbal tea is also preferable to drink while you experience the symptoms of dehydration. It seems the best option for those who wish to stay hydrated but consuming tasty supplements. The most popular misconception about herbal tea that contains caffeine. However in reality herbal tea is a natural source of electrolytes and free of caffeine. Herbal teas are not limited to hydration; it can also be proven helpful to calm tense muscles and give the mind feeling of relaxation.


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