Announcements Ms. Semanco

Hello, parents and students, My, name is Ms. Semanco.  I will be your students 5th grade teacher.  I can't wait for this next comming week because we will get started knowing each other even more. If you have noticed i have added a couple of other tabs like home work, and assignments, they are mostly for the students. I do add on parent portal, if you dont know how to get on parent portal with this website please let me know.  I do teach all subjects to your students. I was born in N.C and went to charollet colledge. I have one dog, named rover, and one cat named, zebra.  I hope you enjoy this website.  This is a tab that is all for parents, it will give you useful info, and dates and times of any of the school events comming up.  I am so excited!!!!  If any of you dont know any of my information just let me know and i will email it to you.

Ms. Semanco

P.S I do update every day!