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9 Materials Used in Balustrades Perth


Balustrades PerthBalustrades are low blocks or they are columns which are placed on bridges, staircases, balconies or terraces or any elevated structure for that matter. The reasons why balustrades are placed are to decrease the chances of people falling off these elevated structures. These balustrades are usually fitted on the top with a railing and they usually end with the wall or pillar or structure of the building.

In addition to adding protection, balustrades also add charm to the building and add to the aesthetic appeal. This also adds to the privacy of the structure and the inhabitants. The balustrades blend with the structure and add charm to the structure. There are different materials which are used for balustrades. Here are some of them.

Materials used for balustrades

  1. Wood balustrades – these have been used from ancient times. This comes in various kinds. There are hardwood as well as softwood balustrade Perth which can be used. There wooden balustrades are also available in different colors and based on the budget, they can either be carved or plain. These can even be painted. However, these balustrades need to be treated periodically. They are not suitable when the balustrades are subject to a lot of humidity or moisture or even when they are exposed to the elements.


  1. Steel balustrades – these balustrades have sleek lines. These are also available in modern designs. These are versatile as well as very durable. These balustrades can also be shaped as well as designed in such ways that it adds to the ease of maintenance.
  2. Glass balustrades are preferred when people are searching for balustrades which do not restrict the view. For balustrades, toughened glass is used and these come in different forms such as tinted, frosted or clear glass. The glass can also be framed, semi framed, straight or it can even be curved.
  3. Wrought iron as well as wrought aluminum balustrades are used for those that want an ornamental view and yet they do not want to spend on maintenance.
  4. Balustrades are made of different materials which are less common however. These materials are stone – in which the preferred stone is granite. However this is expensive but it looks very striking.
  5. Chrome balustrades are used when the look needs to be highly polished. This is low maintenance and it brightens up the place since it reflects light.
  6. Brushed nickel balustrades are popular as they offer effects similar to chrome however they do not have the high shine finish. These nickel balustrades are also usually accompanied by wall brackets as well as endcaps and sockets. This is used when a traditional staircase needs to be given a contemporary twist.
  7. Aluminum balustrades are used in commercial settings as these are almost maintenance free. These are usually reserved for external use.
  8. Brass balustrade Pert is expensive but they add subtlety as well as an antique effect. Brass is usually are also embellished with caps as well as decorative brackets.

These are the usual materials used for balustrades. However concrete and stone is used as well.