Prepare Him Room: Hopeful Joy

Joyful Anticipation

by  Zanada Green Maleki


When a woman is told she is pregnant, that can usually be interpreted as a great leap for joy. When a woman is told she is going to become pregnant, bearing the offspring of God Incarnate, that can be a leap for joy and a leap for “Oh, Good God, help!”. And being told this by some strange being, an angel, who says, ” Don’t be afraid! I bring you good news of Great Joy! You are going to be a momma! Not just a momma, but a Momma!”

 Well, by beloved reader, think of it as a shock #1. Then you have the next part of the announcement about having found favor with God for this to happen. What, you may say, do I do, how do I answer? Now you know.

Put yourself in Mary’s shoes or sandals… she’s not married, she has a boyfriend who has been courting her, trying to do the right thing, and you, yourself, trying to do the right thing even in the hot and heavy moments to be pure for marriage and reputation. And you are in your teens, early child bearing age. Your boyfriend is old enough to grow those handsome scraggly beards as what becomes a young man ripe for marriage, full of life experiences, and has a job, even.

But you are also a young woman of Faith, and you have devoted yourself to your religion, and now have a direct communication from God’s messenger… and so you are now thinking… Oh….My…God! The angel fills you in on what you need to know and so you take your time to think and get over the shock…. And you answer… well, now you have to read the story for yourself. Luke 1:26-38.

And the beat goes on… be continued!