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Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education

I believe everyone is capable of learning and it is my responsibility to make sure all students have the opportunity to learn. I believe that schools are important in to better our society. Without schools, the education of future would lie solely upon the parents of children. While parents serve an important role in the education of their children, schools and teachers can provide a better suited learning environment. Although home environment can affect students learning even at school, all students have the ability to learn and when teachers present them with the opportunity students will learn.

The purpose of education in the United States is to guarantee the future of our society. We can not expect people without an educational knowledge to run a society. The purpose of education should be to teach students general things such as learning, problem solving, and thinking critically, and to allow them to form their own opinions based on that knowledge.

In my classes students will read and critique an assortment of literature. There will be group projects to show how different people can form different opinions and interpretations of the same piece of work, as well as class discussions, essays, quizzes, and review of material covered.

It is important for students to see different types of literature and to see the many ways it can be interpreted to understand the differences in people. It is also important to see the variety of ways different groups of people from the same era might write about the same topic. For instance, slave owners and slaves both writing about the same event might have totally different views of the same event.  In order for the students to function in society they will need to have a general understanding of the differences present in the world.

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