Service Learning

Campus Co-operative Experiences, Field Trips, Service Learning And Your Child

We have been fortunate to be invited to take part in many varied learning activities around the CC campus community.  We have seen a solar eclipse through the high powered telescopes, used the Van De Graff generator with Prof. Kristine Lang, we joined in experiments with the physics department which included momentum, friction, and we made ice cream with liquid nitrogen.  We were visited by CC film students and were included in their final class project.  We drew our own type of animal and silk screened our creation onto tee shirts with Prof. Kate Leonard.  We have the benefit of dance lessons at Cossett Hall with Ellen Rennels and on Friday’s we take a walk to the Worner Center and have lunch at Rastall, parents are always welcome to join us for lunch.

Several times throughout the year we take extended field trips to experience our community outside the CC campus.  We visit the Whedon Family Farm in Ellicott to harvest pumpkins planted just for us.  We join in bi-weekly trips to the downtown Penrose Library to have reading time and to check out a book with our own library card.  We have visited the Museum of Science and Nature in Denver and thanks to Prof. Henry Fricke, were able to touch a real triceratops horn; we had butterflies land on our brightly colored shirts at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, and enjoyed high tea at Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs.  If we cannot reach our destination by walking or taking the CC sponsored Downtown Shuttle, we reserve CC vans.  Please be aware that we make every effort to ensure your child’s safety during our excursions.  We feel vans are safer than a passenger car for our trips and when transporting your child we only use your child’s car seat.We have adding Service Learning Projects in conjunction with our Field Trips to expand your child’s education experiences. “Service-Learning promotes awareness and understanding of service-learning throughout the process by creating opportunities for all youth to become involved in high-quality service-learning that fosters civic engagement,”  from Colorado College Partnership for Civic Engagement.  Our projects have included decorating flower pots, planting flowers and creating inspirational message cards for families at the Ronald McDonald House of Colorado Springs.  We learned what the Ronald McDonald House is and what services they provide, this activity included a visit and tour of the Ronald McDonald house.  The children also collected funds to purchase much needed items for the youth at Urban Peak.  We created math and literacy activities to challenge our class while preparing to deliver the purchased supplies.  This activity included a visit to the Urban Peak facility; our students gained an understanding of the importance of continuing with your education even through adversity.  Service-Learning gives our students a wonderful opportunity to experience civic responsibility as part of their daily lives in the hope that philanthropy will also become part of their future daily lives.