Block 3

This class is currently studying the Canterbury Tales, and we will have a test over this selection on Wednesday, September 29th.

A creative project is due on Tuesday, September 28th, and consists of one of the following:

1.  A Facebook page (or poster) on one of the 29 pilgrims who journeyed to Canterbury. This should be detailed, and should include pictures and other details about the pilgrim chosen. Be creative - you can make up things about your pilgrim if you like, as long as you capture the information presented in the Prologue.

2. Two letters – one from the Knight and one from the old lady, both from the Wife of Bath’s Tale. These should be persuasive arguments as to why they should or should not have to get married.

3. Booklet with at least 4 pages on one of the pilgrims who told a story.

a.       1st page will be a title page

b.      2nd page will be a summary of the pilgrim telling the story (with artwork)

c.       3rd page will be a summary of the tale the pilgrim told

d.      4th page will be artwork about the tale

4. Skit, video or poster about one of the pilgrims.

Each Friday, students are quizzed on the vocabulary words for the week, after having worked on these words for the previous 4 days. See the Vocabulary Words link above for this week's words.

This class is also reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Students should read through Chapter 14 by Friday.