What are we Learning?

April 20,2020- April 24,2020 


 Good Morning! Hope everyone is staying healthy and well!


Monday 20th: calendar activity, April color-in activity, rectangle/diamond, PA rhyming quilts, count to ten mini-book

Tuesday 21st: calendar activity, April flowers, circle/triangle, MY DAY routines with clean up time coloring sheet, color and mach beginning sounds, 

Wednesday 22nd:  calendar activity, Yesterday was calendar activity, cube/square worksheet, Rhyming words leaf match up, leaf patterning, CD Connections, CD icons, CD breathing star, CD cards

Thursday 23rd:  calendar activity, Earth Day word book, Land/Air/Water book, April maze, counting insects, Frog missing letters, patterns, letter tracing

Friday 24th: Calendar(Arbor Day), Calendar My Favorite Activity, Patterns, Cut and Paste Alphabet Match. Tree Cut and Paste Word