Room 219



  Things we are working on ...


The days, weeks, and months have been flying by, and we sure have been busy!


As readers we are becoming Fairy Tale detectives as we read to identify the elements authors use to create fairy tales: Set in the distant past; good and evil characters; magic; may include objects, people, or events in threes (or sevens); focus is on the problem; happy endings; usually teach a lesson.  We are also developing our skills as fluent readers as we present Readers’ Theater stories to our classmates. 


As writers, we will apply what we learn about fairy tales and write our own versions

of the ‘Three Little ...  Somethings’.  


In Math, we are always working to strengthen:  

- our automatic recall of basic addition and subtraction facts, and

- our understanding of place value. 

With this foundation we can more easily complete the task of solving two- and three-digit addition and subtraction problems, with and without regrouping (trading ones, tens, and hundreds).  These basic understandings also help us when it comes time to count money and solve ‘real-life’ word problems that include money. Measurement (linear, capacity, and time) have also been included in our studies. 


In Science, our classroom is blooming and growing!  We are observing and recording the stages of the life cycles of frogs, butterflies, and plants.  We also conducted a cross-curricular study on shadows. Collaboraing with school librarian, Mrs. Latimer and a parent volunteer, we were able to create and produce the following PowerPoint presentation to share our learning with others. 











Sorry, at this time we are still experiencing some technical difficulty. :( 

We hope to have the audio portion of this presentation back up and running shortly! 



In Social Studies, we are learning about community helpers and local government.