What did we do in school today? (September)

In lieu of a weekly newsletter this year I will be taking a few minutes at the end of each day to post a synopsis of what we did as a class.  You'll be able to find that information here by 4pm daily!

  • September 7th - Kindergarten Orientation
  • September 14th - We FINALLY had our 1st full, normal day of school!  Today we took a tour of the school in the morning followed by completing our morning activities on the SMARTBoard.  We were introduced to some of the different Math Manipulatives we will be using through the year (dominos, buttons, teddy bear counters and unifix cubes).  In the afternoon we discussed the reasons we have rules and learned about the number 0...a VERY busy 1st day of school! =)
  • September 15th - We had some more fun discussing rules today as we read the book: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems...we learned that we have rules to keep us safe and to be fair.  We talked a bit more about "Zero the Hero" and discussed how the number 0 represents none.  We also began working in our Early Language Skills Journals (Fine Motor Skills tracing for today).  Don't forget to check the updated schedule for the start of color days next week!!!
  • September 17th - Today we continued our discussion on the importance of rules and learned about "The Manners Mouse."  In the afternoon we read the book: I'm Your Bus and completed our 1st Art project in class...be on the lookout for our buses next week during Curriculum Night!!!
  • September 19th - Today was RED day!  We talked about the color red and completed many different activities to go along with it.  We made red torn paper apples as an introduction to our Fine Motor Center.  We cut and glued a red circle in our Colors, Colors, What Do You See? books...read a story about things that are red and even learned to spell red!!! 
  • September 20th - Today was ORANGE day!  Along with our daily color activities we became Color Magicians and Scientists!!!  Miss Gensler had unfortunately run out of orange paint so we had to make our own!  We found out that when you put red paint and yellow paint on a white circle, say the magic words (Kindergarten Rocks), and use 2 magic mixing fingers that the paint will turn orange
  • September 21st - Today was YELLOW day!  We brainstormed many things that are yellow to make a list, added a yellow triangle into our Colors, Colors... books, and painted the word yellow with yellow paint!  We also began learning to do "You are My Sunshine" in Sign Language after tracing, cutting, and gluing shapes to create a sunshine.  During Math we read a story about the #1 and did some #1 activities.
  • September 22nd - Today was GREEN day!  Once again, our class ran out of paint so we had to be Color Magicians and figure out how to make green paint!  (We discovered green occurs when you mix together blue and yellow)  During Math we had used different types of manipulatives to create a variety of patterns.  We also welcomed a new student to our classroom!
  • September 23rd - BLUE day!  Today we added a blue square to our Colors, Colors books.  During Math we read a book about Patterns and made pattern caterpillars.  We also began working on raindrop suncatchers for blue day.  Hope you all have a great weekend!
  • September 26th - Today was PURPLE day!  We were color magicians for the last time today as we figured out the combination of paints that make purple!  We turned our purple masterpieces into a grape bunch display for our classroom.  We learned about the #2 and began working on the correct way to write it.
  • September 27th - BLACK day!  Today we read the story Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews.  In the story, each page has a picture made with black dots ranging from 1-10.  After reading the story, we brainstormed other pictures we could create using black dots.  Each of us chose a certain number of dots and created quite a masterpiece!  These will be on display in the hall very shortly.  We also read and talked about the number 3 today...we found out that this is not a very easy number to write but we tried our hardest!
  • September 28th - BROWN day! Today we put our last shape into our Colors, Colors books...a brown octagon!  We learned that an octagon has 8 sides like an octopus has 8 legs!  We also created Brown Bears with paint, markers, glue, paper, and coffee grounds!  These delicious smelling pieces of Art are now on display out in our hallway.
  • September 29th - RAINBOW day! We started off our day by coloring in some beautiful RAINBOWS!  We then took 4 different colors of macaroni and made RAINBOW pattern necklaces.
  • September 30th - (Miss Gensler will not be in school this day and will have a substitute...please don't forget picture day is Monday!)