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What did we do in school today? (October)

  • Monday, October 3rd - Today we learned more about the ABC Center and the activities we will be doing each a whole class we sounded out 3 words beginning with /s/ and wrote them in our ABC Journals.  We also discussed the number 5 during Math time and learned a great rhyme to help us write it. (Draw a line down, Belly nice and fat, go back up and give him a hat!)
  • Tuesday, October 4th - Today we learned about the Math Center by doing a quick rotation through 4 different Math Activities.  Each group of children was able to play Number BINGO, work on a #5 worksheet, read and explore Math Story Books, and even make pictures from various geometric shapes.  During our Language Arts Time today we talked more about the letter S and brainstormed many things that begin with the /s/ sound...we then drew pictures of them on a "Super Sock!"
  • Wednesday, October 5th - We welcomed our day with new seats and a classroom pet! (Ok, well it'll only be a pet until it hatches into a butterfly!)  Today we learned about the Writing Center...we learned that each month we will have a themed word poster that we will make into a book by copying the words and illustrating the pictures!
  • Thursday, October 6th - Today in Math we talked about sorting objects by 2 attributes (such as color and shape).  We also had a Math Center rotation in which we sorted letters from numbers, sorted pasta by color, learned about squares, and played a sorting game with buttons!  Mrs. Kunzman came in again and worked with a small group on sorting.
  • Tuesday, October 11th - Today in our Fall Journals we did our 1st draw and label activity.  Each child had to draw a picture of their face and try and label the parts.  We also learned new Math Vocabulary (same/equal) and used some informal counting strategies to figre out if the numbers of items were the same.
  • Wednesday, October 12th - Today we began our 1st rotation of Literacy Centers!  Each group worked diligently at their respective center for 30 minutes.  Some of the centers included in this cycle are the ABC (working on the letter A); Writing (working on handwriting and identifying letters); Mystery (playing a variety of board games); Art (pinky painting apple trees); and Math (practicing writing numerals 1-5).
  • Thursday, October 13th - Today we had some sight word fun!  In the morning we worked on identifying the sight words we have learned to date.  This afternoon we watched a video which included an "and" song.  We wrapped up our day by using our sight word knowledge to read books to our Buddy Readers!
  • Friday, October 14th - We finished up learning about Fire Safety this week by learning a song called "Stop, Drop, and Roll."  We also made cool rollers to help us remember that important advice for if our clothes were ever to catch on fire.  During writing time we focused on writing our name with ONLY the 1st letter being uppercase...this can often be a struggle, please help your child work on this at home!
  • Monday, October 17th - Today we worked on an ordering activity where we colored and cut out 5 little pumpkins.  We then had to arrange them in size from biggest to smallest!
  • Tuesday, October 18th - In Math we talked more about matching sets together to see which has more/less.  We are using one-to-one matching to help us decide which has more and which has less!
  • Wednesday, October 19th - Because we had no centers today, we began working on our new letter P!  We also read the book It's Pumpkin Time by Zoe Hall and learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin.
  • Thursday, October 20th - We took our 1st Math "test" today!  With report cards on the horizon I have begun assessing your child's academic and social growth this if your child tells you the secret that we took a "test" like the big kids today, you'll know what they mean!
  • Friday, October 21st - This morning we went on a Leaf Hunt! We took a walk around the outside of our school and identified some of the trees we saw along the way.  Each of us got to pick 1 leaf and then we came back inside to complete a Leaf Report about it.  Unfortunately we didn't get to the page where we measured the surface of the leaf with pennies because so many people picked large Sycamore leaves that I didn't have enough pennies to go around!
  • Monday, October 24th - Today we continued our Centers from last week...Our ABC Center worked on the letter P; our Math worked on patterning and # recognition; the writing worked hard in 2 different journals; and the Art Center made string art pictures of pumpkins which are now on display out in the hallway!  In Math, we reinforced our Shape recognition by playing a listen and glue game where the end result was a Scarecrow!
  • Tuesday, October 25th - Today we read the book The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams.  (If you have never read this book, it is a wonderful interactive story to read with your kids!)  Afterwards we used pictures to sequence the story and talk about what happened in the beginning, the middle, and the end.  We also discussed how when we put things in order we go from the left and work our way to the right, just like we do when we are reading or writing!
  • Wednesday, October 26th - During writing time we began learning how to use the resources we have in the room to help us.  We looked at our word wall and found out that we could use our sight words as a sentence starter.  We reviewed the words "I" and "like" to write in our fall journals what we like to do at school!
  • Thursday, October 27th - After Library today we began talking about the letter D and the sound it makes.  We also went to Computers this afternoon and had the chance to play on Bailey's Bookhouse, Sammy Science, or Millie's Math.  The children are getting MUCH better at logging on and typing in their passwords...they had alot more time to enjoy the games!
  • Friday, October 28th - Today we had our Fall Party!  It was such a blast, thank you to all who were able to make it and those who were able to send in something for the kids!  We played Fall Bingo in which everyone had the chance to win some playdoh and we made beautiful Fall Artwork which we will bring home sometime next week!
  • Monday, October 31st - Today we read the book Monster Count...a book to count different amounts of eyes!  After reading the books, we each got our own Monster picture and rolled the die.  The number that came up was the number of googly eyes we had to add to our Monster!  We then had to count each eye and write how many eyes the monster had in all.  We also began new centers today!  Ask your child about which center they were at today!


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