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What did we do in school today? (November)

  • Tuesday, November 1st - Today we completed a draw and label activity of our favorite thing we like to do with our family.  This writing piece will not be sent home rather it will be put into your child's cumulative writing folder that will follow them up until 8th grade.
  • Wednesday, November 2nd - Today we practiced more of using our sight words when we write, as well as when we read.  We wrote in our Fall journals about something we see in our classroom.  We also read a book about the number 9 and finished a 9 activity today during Math time.
  • Thursday, November 3rd - "Ten Fingers Can" was the story we read during Math Time today.  We talked about how you use 2 numberals (1 and 0) to make the number 10.  We also began our new Shape Show and Tell's amazing how many shapes you can find around the house!
  • Friday, November 4th - Today we finished up our centers from this week.  At the ABC Center we worked with the letter D; the Math Center made sticker flip books; the Writing Center worked on their November Words books; the Art Center made Tie-Dye Turkeys, which are now on display in our classroom; and the Mystery Center worked on Report Card Assessments...SUCH a busy week!
  • Monday, November 7th - Today we began talking about a new letter and a new sight word!  We began our day learning about the letter B and the sound it makes.  After that we were introduced to our new sight word "you".  we practiced reading it and spelling it.  Some great practice would be to find the "you" video on and have your child sing it to you!
  • Tuesday, November 8th - Lots of Top-Secret work for our Turkey Celebration that is coming up!!!
  • Wednesday, November 9th - (Miss Gensler was not in the classroom this morning due to training)
  • Thursday, November 10th - Today during Writing Time we focused on identifying beginning and ending sounds.  In our journals, we drew a picture of our house and labeled the parts.
  • Monday, November 14th - Today at Morning Program we learned some Problem-Solving Friendship strategies  to use with our friends.  We learned the difference about small problems and big problems and how if there is a big problem we whould seek out an adult for help...but with small problems we are learning how to solve them ourselves!
  • Tuesday, November 15th - Today we began learning about the letter W!  We brainstormed a list of 13 words that begin with the letter W...tomorrow we will begin new centers which will revolve around the letter w!!!
  • Wednesday, November 16th - Today during our writing time we arranged and re-arranged some of our sight words to help us make sentences.  We found that we can begin a sentence with the following sight words: "I see a red..." so we used these words to help us write in our journals today!  We looked all around the classroom to find things that are read and illustrated them and tried to sound out the words!
  • Thursday, November 17th - Today we talked a bit more about the history of Thanksgiving.  We learned about the long journey the Pilgrims took to come to America and even got to take a virtual tour of a Pilgrim Village!  We learned about the differences between life back in the 1600s and our lives now.
  • Monday, November 21st - Today was our Turkey Celebration!  A big thank you to those who were able to make it...for those that were unable, be sure to have your little "Turkey" sing you their songs!
  • Tuesday, November 22nd - Today we had our very 1st performance at Morning Program!  We sang an encore of turkey songs for the 1st through 3rd graders.  One of the best parts of the performance was when we sang "Hello, Mr. Turkey" a 2nd time through and the entire cafeteria joined in!   It was a wonderful was to jumpstart our holiday week...I am grateful for every one of your children...I hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • Monday, November 28th - Today we started our Gingerbread Unit!!!  We read our 1st version of The Gingerbread Man and began making wanted posters to try and find him!  We also began learning about the letter c, how it shares a sound with k, and how it begins our new sight word this week.  Check your child's backpack today for their homework!
  • Tuesday, November 29th - Today we read Gingerbread Fred by Nick and Clare Page.  After we read this version we talked about how it was similar and different from the Gingerbread story we read yesterday.  We also used some Math skills to each make a square of a Gingerbread Quilt now on display in the Hall for Parent Conferences!
  • Wednesday, November 30th - Today we worked on our story sequencing after reading the story We Make Cookies.  The story was all about the steps to making cookies, after reading we discussed the different steps and each child was then given pictures of cookie making out of order to which they had to color, cut out, and put in order from left to right.  This activity will be scored for our next report card.


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