What did we do in school today? (January)


  • Tuesday, January 3rd - We had a wonderful 1st day back after break!  This morning we read the story The Snow Kept on Falling by Kathie McQuery.  After reading the story we talked about the view out of our windows and how it differs in the different seasons.  Each of use drew a winter scene and glued 2 strips of black paper over our picture to look like a window frame.  Our artwork is now on display in the hallway. 
  • Wednesday, January 4th - We started a new round of centers today.  At the ABC Center we are focusing on the letter T.  At the Art Center we are trying our hand at copying patterns by attempting to copy a Penguin Paper Mosaic...the 1st group did a FANTASTIC job at this!
  • Thursday, January 5th - Today we listened to Mrs. Hashey's presentation at Morning Program.  The program was about the Student Responsiblities listed on our Home-School Compact.  We learned what we are responsible for...most importantly RESPECT!  We sung some respect songs and identified examples and non-examples of showing respect for selves, others, and our school!
  • Friday, January 6th - Today we read an interesting Non-Fiction book entitled Emperor Penguins by Roberta Edwards.  We learned that even though penguins are birds and do lay eggs, they cannot fly.  We learned that there are many types of penguins, including the tallest penguin, the Emperor Penguin which can get to over 4 ft tall!