Frequently Asked Questions

***What if my child is absent from school or is going to arrive late?

If your child is going to be out of school for the day you may call Mrs. Ochiai, our school nurse, to report the absence.  The telephone number for Mrs. Ochiai is 757-2268.

Please send in an excuse if your child is returning to school after being absent. If your child arrives late, please be sure to check in at the office.  He/she will receive a late slip, which needs to be given to the teacher as he/she enters the classroom.  They will also need to order lunch at this time if they are buying.

***What do I need to know about snacks and lunch?

We will be having a whole group snack each day.  Each child will be assigned one day a month to bring in a snack for the whole class.  We encourage healthy snacks such as fresh veggies, fruit, popcorn, cheese and crackers, granola bars, etc...  Your child may bring in a water bottle, but please no other drinks for classroom consumption, such as soda or juice, etc...

The children may choose to buy or bring their own lunch each day.  A monthly menu will be sent home with your child.  Please go over this menu with your child carefully each morning so that they know what their choice is when they arrive at school.  If your child will be buying any food/drink items from the cafeteria we would like to encourage you to put money on their account.  You can go to the Vestal Website and click the parent tab and follow the links for the food service program.  You can also check your balance for your child's lunch/lunches.  Your child will use their pin number for any purchases at the cafeteria.  If you are sending money to school, please send it in a small change purse labeled with your child's name...THANKS!

***What about Birthday Celebrations?

We love birthday celebrations and would enjoy celebrating your child's birthday at school with a special treat!  Please let me know in advance when you would like to celebrate your child's special day.  If your child's birthday falls in the Summer, we would love to celebrate their "half-birthday".

To avoid hurting the feelings of children not invited, please do not send invitations to school with your child unless ALL of the children are being invited to the party or a girl invites ALL of the girls or a boy invites ALL of the boys. 

***What is the procedure for picking my child up from school?

If you plan to pick your child up from school at the end of the day, please send in a note to school with your child to let me know.  Sometimes young children think they are going to be picked up, bet get mixed up to as which day they are being picked up.  For the safety of your child, unless I receive a note stating that your child will be picked up, or hear their name being called on the parent pick-up list, I will send them home on the bus.

Anytime you pick your child up during the school day, please check in at the school's Main Office.  At the end of the day, you will sign your child out in the cafeteria where they will meet you once they have been releases.