Study Tips

Study Tips for Quizzes:

Since quizzes cover current homework, go over the homework problems you have completed.  Try a few odd problems in each section that was assigned.  Check to see that you are getting the right answers and that you know how to show the work.  Use text examples to help.  Re-do the problems you did incorrectly on your homework.  Ask for help if you still get the wrong answers.  Look over the websites I've provided to help you.

Study Tips for Tests:

Since tests cover parts of the quizzes, go back over the quizzes.  Retake the quiz to see that you get the right answers.  Time yourself to see if you can get the correct answers in a reasonable amount of time.  

Study TIps for Exams:

  Go over old quizzes, tests, and the study guide.  Retake these several times if you get incorrect answers or cannot complete in a timely fashion.