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I am so excited for 4th grade this year. We are going to have so much fun together!

Our Schedule

You are on the BLUE team.  The BLUE team consists of Mr. Maron and myself.  You will either have me for just Language Arts or Social Studies AND Language Arts if you are in my homeroom.  If you are in my homeroom, your schedule looks like this:

Period Time Subject
3 9:15-10:10 ELA
4 10:15-11:07 ELA
5 11:12-12:04 Social Studies
6 12:09-1:01 Lunch/Recess
7 1:06-1:58 Specials
8 2:03-2:55 Math with Mr. Maron
9 3:00-3:52 Science with Mr. Maron



Other Important Information

Mr. Maron is the Math & Science teacher for the BLUE team.  His website is 

Mr. Maron's website


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