Class 71

Welcome to Class 71's 2012-2013 web page!  Hear you will find information about current happenings in our classroom, as well as upcoming events.  

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December has been a busy month.  As we prepare for our last day of school before the holiday break, we have been busy with several projects!

First, we have completed our reading of The Wright Brothers as part of our study in the Industrial Revolution, and we have begun creating our Wright Flyers.  This has been a really fun project and a great way to have a hands on experience with history.



Class 71 also decided to spread some holiday cheer and "deck the halls"--literally!  All the hallways with 7/8 classrooms were wreathed, stocking-ed, snowflaked, and given garlands.  We had a lot of creative time as well as an assembly line process (again, that Industrial Revolution!) to put them all together.


Class 71 has our monthly book reports due on Wednesday, December 12.  This month is free choice--any book!  This month the assignment is to write a 1-2 page review of the book chosen.  Looking ahead, January's book report will be a historical fiction choice.  It will be due January 25th for those of you wanting to get ahead!  January's report will actually be a diorama of the book.

Speaking of diorama, we could use some extra boxes sent from home to help out with the making of the book reports.  If it can fit through the door, please send it in!  We need 14 boxes in total.


We'd like to recognize Michael for winning his tennis game last week.  The boys basketball team has also won their games two weeks in a row.  Way to go!

Our party on December 14th will be supplied by our teachers, Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Gifford.  They will be bringing in breakfast for the kids.  We do have early release that day at 12:15, so please plan accordingly.  If you would like to send in some treats for us to have along with breakfast, please let us know.


Happy holidays from Class 71!