2010-2011 HAM Grading:


You will be graded based on your performance from each chapter.  Each chapter’s possible points earned will total to 100.


Lesson Presentation/Journal <<< 10 points >>>

For each section, a few students will be chosen to present worked examples for practice problems to the class.  They will have one night to prepare for this exercise.  Presenters should talk the class through each lesson and actively engage all other students.  They must be prepared to answer questions from students and teacher.  The remaining students not chosen for presentations will write a journal entry over the material.  These journals will be collected at the end of the chapter.  Students that are absent will forfeit the opportunity to present/journal thus no points can then be awarded.


Practice <<< 5 Points >>>

Practice problems from the text book will not be collected.  It is expected that you attempt these problems with in the day that they are assigned.  We will go over these problems in class as requested or as assigned to students for board work.  If it is obvious that you are not prepared or have not done your homework, you will be deducted homework points for each instance. Keep in mind that as we go over the problems in class, students should be following along and as not to copy work.  When people become too focused on copying, your mind becomes too limited in comprehending.


Worksheets <<< 10 Points >>>

At the end of a section, you and a partner will be give additional, more challenging problems to do.  Treat these as a partner take home quiz where you will be graded on your performance.


Sign Up Problems <<< 10 Points >>>

For each chapter there will be 5 sign up problems that you are to work on with the expectation that you will be prepared to present your solution to the class.  You will receive full points for simply signing up for these problems.  However, if you sign up for a problem that you are unprepared to do, you will automatically be deducted 1 point for each problem that you signed up for.  Once called upon, you will present to the class your method and solution.


Quizzes <<< 20 Points >>>

For each chapter you will be given two 10 point quizzes to be taken alone based on your preparation from your homework problems.  Even though correct answers are important, credit is also given based on your procedure.


Tests <<< 20 Points >>>

At the end of each chapter you will be given a chapter test that is mainly multiple-choice in format.  Show as much work as possible so that you can earn partial credit on problems with incorrect solutions.


Application Problem <<< 5 Points >>>

For each chapter you will be given a problem that ties into a topic beyond just mathematics.  You should show neatly on paper how to arrive at you solution and provide a final answer to the problem. 


Projects <<< 20 points >>>

With a group of peers, you will be busy at working on a project for each chapter.  Some of these projects may carry into succeeding chapters.  Group participation is an essential element to this exercise.  Your group will eventually prepare a presentation for the class describing your methods and findings.