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Dear Parents,  

Summer is a wonderful time of the year!  It is a time for fun and exploring adventures outside the classroom through reading. 

The reading program for students entering second grade requires your child to read a total of three books.  Please encourage your child to read as many books as possible.  One of the books your child must read needs to be from the Magic Tree House Series.  This book can be from the traditional Magic Tree House Series or the First Stepping Stone Magic Tree House Series.  Your child must also read one biography book. (Some children might enjoy A Picture Book Series by David Adler.) The third book needs to be a nonfiction book.  Please have your child pick an area of interest and find a book about it. For example, some children may love dolphins. Find a book about dolphins.  As your child reads each book have them record information on a reading log.  The log should be returned the first week of school.  Your child will be responsible for completing a project for two of the books.  Your child needs to choose one of these books and complete an oral presentation discussing the book in class during the first week of school.  The projects must be returned the first week of school.  

Here is a list of projects your child may choose to completer their book report projects: 

         ~ Book in a Box - create a scene from the book using a shoe box 

         ~ Character Puppet - using a paper bag create a puppet about a character in the book 

         ~ Design a book jacket for the book 

         ~ Do a collage/poster showing showing pictures that relate to the book, and then write a sentence or two beside each picture to show it's significance. 

         ~ Write a letter to a character in the book

         ~ Write a letter to the author of the book

         ~ Tell 5 things you learned while reading the book

        ~ Send a postcard from one of the characters.  Draw a picture on one side.  Write the message on the other. 


Reading is  an adventure your child may enjoy all summer long.  We look forward to seeing your child in September.  We cannot wait to hear about all their wonderful adventures experienced through reading.


Studies show that children lose valuable skills that they've learned during the school year during the summer months.  By encouraging them to keep up with these skills will help them to grow in proficiency.  

The publishers of our Math book have an excellent website to practice these skills.  Here are the directions for how to access it.  


1. Go to sadlier oxford 

2.  Click on Mathematics 

3.  Ckick in Student Center  (on left ) 

4.  Click on Grade 2 

5.  Click on Skills Update 

The children are asked to do a lesson and practice from the following: 

1.  Additions Facts to 10 

2.  Subtraction Facts to 10 

3.  Greater or Less 

4.  Add 10s 

5.  Subtract 10s 

6.  Penny, Nickel, Dime 

7.  Clock Sense 

There ore other sections that are useful just for practice like Problem of the Day and Enrichment. 

The children are asked to do each lesson and practice page and print it out.  They should bring it to school during the first week. 

thank you the the care you take in helping to educate your child.  The time you take now will multiply many times over in future.  


Supply List for Grade Two 

Three (3) Notebooks 

One (1) Pocket Folder

One Box of No.2 Pencils 

Small individual pencil sharpener 

Pink eraser 

12 inch ruler 

Art Box no larger than 8 x 5 inches including bottle of Elmer's glue, 2 large purple glue sticks, 24 crayons, washable markers, 

 and safety scissors 

Three  (3) boxes of tissues