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10 Best Free Manga Reader Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free manga reader software for Windows. The original manga comics come in Japanese language with reverse reading order (right to left page). Today manga comics are popular in English language as well, and hence come with the normal reading order (left page to right). In some of these manga readers, you can still read in reverse order using the manga mode. Generally, all manga reader software provide essential tools like page navigation buttonszoom toolspan toolkeyboard shortcuts, etc. Besides essential tools, tools to customize viewing experience are also available in these manga readers. To customize viewing experience, you choose tools like fit to widthfit to heightimage rotationviewing modes (single and double page view), etc.

Some of these freeware also possess features to edit and manage comics. The editing features mostly vary colorbrightness, and saturation levels of an individual comics page. However for management, these software use library through which you can categorize and save comics in different folders. Library also ensures quick access to the desired comics.

These comics reader software support many popular manga comic formats such as CBRCBZRARPDF, etc.

My Favorite Manga Reader Software For Windows:

1. YacReader

YACReader is my favorite manga reader software because it has all important features that are required in a manga reader. Plus, its dedicated manga mode and language translation feature provide additional benefits when compared to other manga readers.

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YACReader is a cross-platform manga reader software for Windows. This software is available for Windows, MacOSX, and Linux platforms. This freeware lets you view and read manga comics of various formats, such as CBRCBZPDFCB7CBT, etc. The main feature of this reader is a dedicated manga mode that makes comics reverse reading compatible. Other reading modes like single and double page mode are also available in it. More handy features like zoomrotatefit to heightwidthbookmarkspage navigation etc., are also present.

In this manga reader, you will not have any problem to jump between pages because of its go-to flow feature. This feature provides a 3D interface similar to smartphones multitasking interface, where you can view various pages of comics at a time. The YACReader Translator is another smart feature that you can find in here. This translator can convert written query of one language into other. Languages supported by this translator are English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hebrew, etc. In my opinion, it is one of the best manga reader that comes with important as well some interesting features.

2. Honeyview

Honeyview is a fast image viewer software for Windows. It also supports various manga comics file formats such as CBZ, CBR, ZIP, RAR, 7Z, etc. It has all kinds of necessary viewing features like single page viewdouble-page view, features to fit images according to height, weight etc. The double page view option is interesting as it can make your comics forward as well as backward reading compatible, just like original manga comics. For convenience, it includes all necessary features on its interface like slideshowpage navigation panelzoomimage rotation, etc. Besides this, you can custom set your own hotkeys and save favorite pages as bookmarks as well.

This manga viewer also includes an edit section through which you can resize, rotate, rename, and change image format of each page. To get more information about the pages, you can use the EXIF option. Through EXIF, you can get information like page sizepage resolutionpage namepage number etc. Overall, this viewer is quite a good and informative manga reader software.

3. Pviewer

pViewer is a free manga reader software for Windows. You can easily open and read manga comics in it. To make reading experience better, a dedicated manga mode is provided in it. This mode provides the feel of physical manga comics. Manga files usually come in eComic .cbz and .cbr file formats. pViewer supports both file formats, plus it supports some additional formats like .jpg.png.bmp.gif, etc.

pViewer contains many adjustment features like view (fit to window, actual image size, etc.), flip horizontalverticalrotate (-90/+90 degrees), slideshow, etc. Besides these tools, you can also use editing tools like effects and resize to edit pages of manga comics. After editing, you can save each page individually in various image formats named jpegpngtiffgif, and bmp.

This reader does not have any option on its interface that provides a distraction-free reading experience. By right clicking on its interface, you can view various settings and features of this reader. You can also use direct keyboard shortcuts to quickly use its features.

4. Comic Sheer

Comic Sheer is another free manga reader software for Windows. It is capable to handle various popular comic book formats like CBRCBZZIPRAR, etc. In Comic Sheer, you can easily optimize the comics reading experience by adjusting page zoompage view (fit width, fit height, fit all and full), single page viewtwo-page view, etc. Another useful feature named virtual magnifying glass is useful to read text clearly, use right-click to open it. Comic Sheer also supports multiple tabs, so you can easily open more than one comic at a time.

In this viewer, you can maintain a library of comics for quick access. From this library, you can sort comics as well export the list of comics as a text file. Here, you can also bookmark your favorite pages of comics. To go to next or previous page, you can use on-screen buttons or your keyboard’s arrow keys. Other than reading the comics, you also get options to view comics information like titleserieswritergenre, etc.

5. Comical

Comical is a free and open source manga reader software for Windows. It is also a cross-platform viewer which works on both macOS and Windows. This viewer supports both forward as well as backward reading modes. You can also select single and double page view according to your reading preference. Various image filters like boxbilinearbicubicB-SplineCatmul-ROMLanczos 3, etc., can also be applied to images. These filters change sharpness and shadows of comics images, still you can not save edited images. A thumbnail browser can also be viewed on the left side of interface. This browser helps to jump on different pages quickly. Common features like page navigationslideshowimage rotation, etc., are available on the main interface. Its inability to support keyboard’s arrow keys to browse pages of comics is the only drawback of this software.

6. Cdisplay Ex

Cdisplay Ex is a lightweight and easy to use manga reader software for Windows. It is a popular manga reader software that comes with a right set of features. This freeware provides features like slideshowbookmarkssingle page/double page view, zoom in/out, page navigation, viewing modes (fit to height, width, and full screen), etc. In addition, a dedicated Japanese mode to read comics in reverse order (from right to left page) is also available. Its user interface is minimal, and has only important options on its interface that provides a distraction-free reading experience.

This manga reader automatically installs a thumbnail plugin, that shows file cover of each file instead of showing just their file name. Thumbnail also helps at quickly recognizing the comics from its thumbnail. This manga reader can also auto-correct colors of an old, faded colored scanned copy of a manga comic using advanced algorithms. Plus, options to assign keyboard shortcuts are also available.

This manga reader uses various resizing algorithms like Nearest (for quick resizing), DraftLinear, and Lanczos (for good quality). These resizing options open the possibility to choose quality or quick resizing ability.

7. MangaMeeya

MangaMeeya is a portable manga reader software for Windows. This manga reader lets you view and read manga comics of various formats (CBZ, CBR, RAR, etc.). Not just view, you can customize the complete comic reading experience by using the view section. From its view section, you can select settings like single page modetwo-page modereading modehorizontal centering, etc., to customize viewing experience. All essential features are smartly provided on its main interface like page navigationfullscreen modeplay/pause, slideshow buttons, etc.

This freeware has two interesting sections named scale and filter. The scale section provides filters and algorithms to vary sharpness and pixel structure in manga websites. Available filters of scale section are pixel resize filterhalftone filteraverage pixel methodlinear interpolation, etc. The Filter section also contains filters, but these filters are basically used to edit pages of comics. Filters like brightnesssharpnessresizecrop, etc., can be found inside filter section. After editing, you can save pages of comics in PNGJPGGIF, and BMP file formats.

8. GonViser

GonVisor is another good manga reader software for Windows. Using this manga reader, you can read comics of CBRCBZCB7CBARARPDFZIP, and ACE formats. It provides various features to customize comics view according to your reading style. To customize comics view, you can select double or single page view, choose different page transition effects, make pages fit to width/height, or read in full-screen mode. I like its color improvement feature also that adds the extra contrast to colors.

Apart from reading manga comics, you can also make your own comics by joining the individual CBR or CBZ pages. It even lets you extract images from the manga comics. Its comics management feature is also good, through which you can categorize your comics collection and manage bookmarked pages as well. The index of comics is always present on the right side of interface, that comes in handy to jump between pages quickly. Overall, it is a great manga reader with some really good features.

9. BD Reader

BDReader is one of the simplest manga reader software for Windows. This freeware is for those who want a simple and hassle-free reading experience. In it, you can read comics in three modes named panel modestrip mode, and page mode. These modes are good, but none of these modes show comic in double page view, so consider this point before using this reader. In terms of features, you get features to zoom in/outfull screennavigation buttonszoomrotation, etc. Besides this, it has one more option to export comics page as images (BMP, PNG, and JPEG). As you can see, it is not a feature-rich software, still it fulfills its main task brilliantly i.e. to show contents of manga comics.

10. Comic Book Archive Reader

Comic Book Archive Reader is a free manga and archived comics reader software for Windows. This software is another simple manga reader that provides some basic tools to read manga comics. Here, you can read comics in single page view or view all pages at once by selecting the overview option. Plus, options to quickly navigate between pages are quite good as you can use the mouse wheel and on-screen buttons as well as keyboard’s arrow keys to navigate. Two dedicated buttons to jump 10 images forward and backward help to jump between pages quickly. Besides these tools, a comic book archive maker to make archive from CBR and CBZ pages is also present. In this reader, you can read manga books, but it lacks some essential features like zoom in/outfullscreen mode, and double page mode.