how to connect canon printer to wifi

Now, we will tell you a way to join version-unique Canon printers to wifi. Make sure that you study the stairs for these fashions correctly on the way to establish a successful connection. 


How to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi?

In this part of the weblog, you can learn how to connect canon printer to wifi through a wireless LAN connection. The simple manner to do so has been shown beneath. 


1. Press and preserve the device’s “Wi-Fi” button.


2. Release the “Wi-Fi” button when the “On lamp” flashes.


3. Now, press and keep the “Black” button.


4. The next step is to quick faucet the “Wi-Fi” button.


5. Check that the “Wi-Fi lamp” is flashing and the “On lamp” too is lit.


6. Now, press the button at the “Wireless router”. Continue to press it for at the least 2 minutes.


7. Ensure that the “On lamp” and “Wi-Fi lamp” are on.


8. In case the alarm receives a lit, choose “Troubleshooting”.


9. Once your Canon Pixma Printer receives information related to the wifi, you could use it. 


How Do I Connect My Canon MG3520 Printer to Wifi?

By connecting your Canon MG3520 Printer to wifi, you can enjoy more blessings. For this motive, you may use the Canon Print app. In case you don’t recognise a way to install your printer to a wireless community thru the Canon Print app, you may study the steps referred to right here. 


1. Go to the “App Store” for your iOS tool.


2. Press the “Search” button.


3. Key in “Canon Print” and hit the “Search” button.


4. You will see the “Canon Print” app. Download it. 


5. After the set up of the app, you may need to set up your Canon MG3520 Printer. For this, turn on your printer and make sure that the green light is on.


6. The blue “Wifi” mild in your printer will flash. In case it doesn’t, press the “Wifi” button and anticipate the amber alarm light to flash  times. Release the “Wifi” button afterwards. 


7. Now, the “Wifi” light will blink and the “On” mild might be up. 


8. Next, open the “Canon Print” app.


9. Follow the on-screen instructions of the app.


10. On the primary display screen of the Canon printer, press the icon of “Add printer”.


11. Click on “Register printer”.


12. Now, faucet on “Printer setup”.


13. Select the option “Connect via wireless router”.


14. You will see a display. Connect the wifi of your device to the “Canon IJ setup network”.


15. Exit the “Canon Print” app and open the “Settings” of your iOS device.


16. Tap on “Wifi” below the “Settings”.


17. Connect to the “IJ setup community”.


18. After connecting it, go to the “Canon print display” and press “Ok”.


19. Select the Wireless network/get entry to point name.


20. Fill inside the password for the wireless network and press “Ok”.


21. The community settings may be sent on your Canon printer. Then a message will appear. Press “Ok”.


22. Verify the printer and pick its name. Then the printer may be connected in your iOS device. 


23. A message will appear on your screen. Press “Ok” and the setup will be whole.


How to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi?

Let us test out the nice technique for Canon MG3600 hook up with WiFi. Connecting the Canon MG3600 Printer to wifi is a clean technique. If you too have this printer and want to add wifi to it, then simply undergo the subsequent 8 steps. 


1. Turn in your Canon MG3600 Printer.


2. Check whether or not the “Wi-Fi lamp” is flashing on the tool.


Three. If “Wi-Fi lamp” is flashing, tap the “Stop” button.


4. Now, faucet the tool’s “Wi-Fi” button and keep it. Release the “Wi-Fi” button when you see the “On lamp” flash.


5. Pressing the “Color” button is the fifth step. 


6. Next, faucet the “Wi-Fi” button.


7. See to it that the “Wi-Fi lamp” quickly flashes. Also, the “On lamp” should be lit.


8. Then keep with the setup by returning to the utility display screen.


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