Dear Parent or Guardian:

I would like to express my sincerest interest in working with your child this semester. I will be teaching Principles of Business and Management, a class that introduces students to the world of business organizations and the importance of having a thriving business environment in our society.

I would like you to rest assured that your child’s academic learning is my top priority. I am determined to use my expertise in the classroom in order to facilitate your child’s learning experience. I am also committed to providing a safe, positive, and constructive classroom environment in which every student can meet or exceed curriculum requirements as well as my academic expectations.

Volunteering Opportunities

Parents are always welcome to participate in school events or activities. Parents’ involvement and engagement in our students’ learning is highly regarded. Please check with your teacher about any upcoming events or field trips that may require parents’ assistance. Parents who are interested in volunteering will need to complete a Volunteer Application Form.