Best Pacifier For Newborn


If you are expecting a newborn then you must have started purchasing things for the newborns. Newborn Pacifiers are the most common thing that every parent purchases for their newborn. Bibs Pacifiers are used to calm and pacify a baby when it is finicky. The sucking of a pacifier soothes the baby. Some parents also use them to avoid the sucking of a thumb or finger. If your baby is using a pacifier then you need to purchase pacifier clips to attach it to the baby’s cloth.

A guard or shield is attached to the base of the pacifier. Pacifiers are either made of latex, molded silicone, or a combination of plastic and silicone. Silicone pacifiers are strong, easy to clean, and do not retain any odors. However, pacifiers made of latex are softer than silicone and retain odors. A silicone pacifier is the best pacifier for newborn. Natural rubber pacifiers are also available, but these are not much good and healthy for babies.


The pacifiers differ for different age groups of babies. Here are some suggestions.


Newborns and infants are the hardest critics. Their gums are very soft and small, so they need very soft and small pacifiers. But if your child is spitting out the pacifier and not playing with it then it is not the right pacifier for them. You must buy some other pacifiers.

Age Group of six to twelve months

After the age of six months, you need to change the pacifier of your baby. At this stage, their teeth start coming, and they have stronger jaw muscles so they need a little, big and strong pacifiers. You can also dip the pacifier in some foods or drinks to develop the taste of real food for them. When the teeth start coming then your baby feels some swelling in gums and itching. You can put these pacifiers in the freezer to freeze it this will reduce the swelling and itchiness.

After the Age of Twelve Months

At this stage, you need to stop using a pacifier for your baby. Pacifiers impact the speech development of your child. But if it is still required then you can use the same as you were using for six to twelve months.

Keep Pacifiers Clean

It is the most important thing for your baby’s health. Regularly clean the pacifier to keep your child safe and secure. Many times it falls on the floor or between the furniture into some dirty places. The best way to avoid these falls is to use a pacifier holder. This will prevent them from falling at unwanted dirty places. You can purchase pacifier wipes to clean the pacifier. These are very affordable and available at every baby store.

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