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Welcome to Bill Gardner's Teacherweb site for classes at Blossom Park Education Centre. I have been a teacher at Blossom Park since 1998 at which time I taught all of the computer classes. Since then, the mathematics and science courses have become my responsibility as well.

This site will act as a source of information for topics covered in class. Should you miss class for some reason, you will be able to "pick up" your work here. Also, there will be a place on line at to be able to stay in contact while away.

Who is your teacher? I went to the University of Western Ontario for a degree in Physics, which I finished in 1997. I obtained my Bachelor of Education the following year. In my off time, I am obsessed with astrophotography. Here is a sample of my work and proof of my obsession (or proof of how understanding my wife is).

Computer Use Agreement:

A copy of the Computer Use Agreement form is available here. All students using computers at Blossom Park are required to sign their agreement to this form.



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