KK 01 Information

Welcome to Kindergarten!!

Welcome to another year in your child’s education.  My name is Ms. Eileen Biniakewitz and I am excited about this year, all that we will be doing and learning.  We are KK 01 and are located in Room 86 A.   I look forward to working with you and please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

A few things for you to know…

  • Homework folder – will go home every night.  At the beginning of each week, your child will receive a homework sheet with their assignments for the week and notes from me.  It will need to stay in their folder the entire week so I can write their daily conduct or any changes on it.
  • Your child will need first grade tablets at home as well as at school.  They will have homework and having the tablet makes it easier for them to complete their assignments. 
  • Our classroom can get chilly.  I encourage you to send a sweater or sweatshirt for your child to keep at school for days that they get cold. 
  • I also want to encourage our girls to wear shorts under their skirts or dresses.  We do many activities on the rug and they will be more comfortable with the shorts on.
  • If your child is absent, they need to bring a note to school with them when they return telling why they were out.  If they do not have a note, the absence will not be excused.
  • Graded Papers & Progress Reports will go home weekly.  Please look over the papers, sign the Progress Report, and return everything.  Looking over the papers will help you see how your child is doing.  Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like suggestions on how to improve your child’s performance.
  • Please work with your children at home.  Have them read to you, do math problems with them, have them practice writing complete sentences, ask them questions.  The more they practice, the better they will do!
  • I welcome the opportunity to work with you but please schedule an appointment so as to not interrupt instruction.  When you do come to the school, make sure you stop by the office to receive a visitor’s pass before coming to the room.  This is school policy and it for the safety of your children.