Human Diseases

You will be given approximately 30 minutes of reading/homework per week day.

Homework will be discussed in class and collected when the assignments given needs my input for further comprehension of the material taught. I will give homework credit for thorough completion of the homework. Incomplete homework will be given a zero.

There will be several in class labs that will be graded and assessed like homework.

There will be approximately two full period exams/month. Some quizzes may also be given.

If you are absent for an exam you will have two days to make up the exam. All absences will be verified. If your absence for an exam is not legitimate you will get a zero.

There will be two term projects that weighted as full period exams.

Below is the percentage breakdown for you grade.

Full period exams 70%( included in this are the term projects)

Homework and labs 20%

Class participation/Effort 10% ( Includes attendance and lateness)