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Avian Ecology 
 *A closer look at the local bird population. 
            This site is intended to be used by high school teachers that would like to introduce the world of “Birding” into the classroom.  Many wildlife creatures are very difficult to study without an extensive amount of time/money, but local birding is cheap and a great way to get students interested in their local environment. 
         The topic of birding covers a vast array of subject matter and detailed information.  I believe that it’s too much to try and teach in such a short period of time.  Here I have intended for the entire class to go over “local birding knowledge” and then in groups of 2-3 they can choose from Bird/Nest Count, Social Behavior, or Nest/ Breeding Strategies.  Each topic has a set of questions and projects to cover.  The idea is for the students to answer the questions and creatively present their information to the class on the final day.   
         On the first day of class, the teacher should try and identify the class’s prior knowledge of birds, and then take them on an identification-walk around the local area. (binoculars or a viewing scope would be very usefull for identification, even a few pairs to share will work)  Have the students record the birds in their journal, along with songs or behaviors.  Introduce them to the posible topics and projects offered.                
         *Everyone will be responsible for learning and understanding the "Local Bird Knowledge”, this will be helpful within the group work.     
·         Local Birding knowledge   (everyone must do!)
 Students Choice-
(Pick a topic with your group members. A link to each topic is given at the top of this page!)
·    Bird/Nest Count 
·    Social Behavior
·    Nest/Breeding Strategies  
In each class there will be designated "Birding Hours".  This is the time allowed (in-class) to do your observations/activities.  Group presentations will occur on the last day of the unit. Birding hours are to be used for the observations and data collection. Other allowed time should also be allowed for further studies. (ex. maybe a day in the library, and a day to create the presentations) Total curriculum time is dependent on the teacher.   

Here are few local birds to get you started...