Social behavior

Social Behavior...

Common Topics

-monogomy vs polygomy 

-spacial territory stategies

-flocking numbers and flocking species


Questions to answer...

What constitutes a birds "area"?  Why do some birds need miles of territory, and others just a few inches?

See full size image


When is there too many birds in a flock?  (hint- If you were in a hunting party how many people would you need to get enough food?)


Can multi-species flock together?

What is a birds demeanor like?  Are they friendly, angry, protective, happy, you tell me!? 




-During "birding hours" take a look at the general birding behavior.  Note what the birds are doing, make a graph of how a bird spends its time (ex. feeding, nest building, fighting, cortship, chilling). 

-Create a paper towel replica of a common bird you have seen around school.  Perch it in an area that other birds of its type can see it, and then play a recording of that birds song.  Observe the reaction! Why is the bird acting in this way?

-Look for possible flocks around school, describe the social order seen with the individuals.  


 >Teacher aid...

You will need a tape recorder and specific bird song for the paper towel bird experiment (available off many websites).

If there are no flocks around school, allow them to do the study for homework (if possible).