News from SGA

Some news to share:

Hispanic Heritage Day on October 17 was a success.  Several parents came by and visited the classroom.  We studied two Ancient Hispanic Cultures, the Mayans and the Aztecs.  We also celebrated some of their successes including hieroglyphics which was a written language created by the Mayans using signs and symbols.  Students used these signs and symbols to write their names.

We received word from Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Barack Obama.  We're pleased to know that he is answering the letters of middle students.  After a mock election was conducted in our classes, I wrote both candidates to let them know how interested our students were about the upcoming election.  He wrote back with some words of wisdom for our students and congratulated students on their ambition and interest in the future.  Unfortunately, we have not heard back from Senator McCain.

Our first book report for this nine weeks is due October 22, 2008.  Students will write a 200-word summary and include an art project of their choice to describe their book.  Students will do a 2-3 minute presentation to their class summarizing their book.  Reports may be typed or hand-writtten...both are accepted as long as they are legible.

Grades for the first nine weeks close October 29.  It's hard to believe the first nine weeks are nearly over.  That means 25% of the school year.  Time flies, so students keep up on your studies.  Don't fall behind!!!