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How to Handle a Blocked Drain in Your House like an Adult

The first reaction most of us have for a blocked sink or a drain in the house is panic. The blockage may cause sinks and bathtubs or overflow or stink up the house. If you are encountering a blocked drain for the first time, here’s how to handle the situation properly, you know, like an adult:

Stop the Blockage from Getting Worse

The first thing to do if a drain is blocked is to prevent it from getting worse and immediately look for sewer cleaning wake forest. If a kitchen sink is blocked, for example, stop putting food scraps in the sink that might make the problem worse. If there’s water overflowing in or out of the drain, don’t turn on the faucets. If the leaking is serious, you might have to turn off the water for the entire house. Secure the scene, in other words, and then you can proceed to fix the problem.

Call a Plumber

Unless you have experience fixing blocked drains yourself, you need to call in a professional plumber in your area. It’s best to research a plumber well in advance for emergency situations like this. You may have multiple concerns when calling a plumber to your house. For example, single occupants may have safety concerns. Others may worry about the quality of the work. Look up well-reviewed local plumbers to locate the professional and reliable services of drain cleaning wake forest.

Avoid Trying Untested “Solutions”

Don’t really know how to unclog the drain? Be careful about trying untested solutions you may have heard about from others. You may be tempted to pour bleach or a similar chemical down the drain hoping it might de-clog the blockage. It might, or it might not really. Sticking things in like metal rods could complicate the situation rather than solve it. Therefore, just call in the professional plumbers if you don’t know what you are doing.

Solutions that May Work

Some DIY solutions do work for blocked drains at home, depending on how severe the blockage is. You can try pouring in some backing soda, about quarter a cup, down the drain. Soon after, pour in some white vinegar, and wait. You need to let this chemical solution work its magic for two to three hours. Also, water heater installation wake forest may also be effective as hot water prevents from clogging of pipes.

To check if the drain has unclogged, pour in about a jar of hot water. Once again, wait for between fifteen to thirty minutes. Then open the faucet as usual and see if the water goes down. The vinegar has to be washed off so run the water for about ten minutes. This solution usually works for minor blockages. But even if the drain unclogs here, call in a plumber for a check in just in case.

Consider Replacing Old Drainage Pipes

The blocked sink or drain could be caused by out-dated pipes and systems. So if you live in an old house or an apartment, consider replacing the old pipes and installing a new, state-of-the-art drainage system. It will save you money on the long run gone for emergency fixes.