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The second color will add both depth and texture to the first coat. Then use a sponge to dab the second color onto the walls. You will then need to buy particular amounts of three shades of light brown, and glaze. Step 7: Select the bedding The bedding should be of a neutral color. sisal or jute). All of these products are available at your friendly neighborhood hardware store: lightest shade: enough to paint the whole bedroom medium shade that is 1 2 shades darker: darkest shade: one quart glaze medium Step 2: Add the lightest color After selecting and buying your paints, you are ready to rock and roll! Use the lightest shade of beige to paint the entire room. Step 5: Install or cover the floor A wood floor is preferable to create your Greek or Roman theme. This will later complement any metal wall sculptures that you add to walls.e. Finally, add fake columns of wallpaper, after completing the painting of the walls. Meanwhile, the Greeks gave us Boolean logic (for computers), democracy, and The Father of Medicine. Step 4: Add the darkest shade and wallpaper columns Create veins (lines) on the wall that bear a resemblance to the lines that marble contains. Here are some steps to help you: Step 1: Get the right paint Your first step is to choose a particular shade of beige that you prefer.

Two or three veins for each wall would be sufficient. Make sure not to use overkill. Step 3: Add the mid tone color Next, it is time to prepare the medium shade of beige. speaker cable By following the aforementioned steps, you can create an ancient Greek or Roman theme bedroom. However, if it is not feasible to install a wood floor, then use an area rug with a natural fiber (i. This will further help to complement your metal wall sculptures. By taking some basic steps, you can recreate the aura of ancient Greece or Rome, by creating a Greek or Roman theme bedroom. The area rug will match up well with the floor. If the bedroom is for a girl, consider using a canopy bed with light, white drapes.We should write thank you notes to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Step 9: Choose the window drapes Use thin and lightweight window drapes around the windows, and around the room. Step 8: Accessorize with plaster pillars Place ivy plants in them, to complement the metal sculptures that you have hung on the walls. Blend this beige color with glaze medium, using 50 of the beige and 50 of the glaze. Make sure not to completely cover the first coat. Instead, use asymmetrical patterns to create a layered look. Step 6: Select a bed You can either use a bed that is naturally a neutral or light color; or paint the bed yourself. Consider using textured fabrics and fine stripes. Creating such a theme will cease being Greek to you! . The Romans gave us Roman pillars, coliseums, and the Senate.