Group Project


What has been the effect of urbanization in the late 20th and 21st century?

Students will be assigned to a group of four people to investigate the extent to which urbanization and industrialization have modified the roles of social institutions such as family, religion, education, and government by examining one case study in one of these regions: Africa (e.g., Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone), Latin America (e.g., Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico), and Asia (e.g., China, India, Indonesia, South Korea).


Group 1 - Zimbabwe

Group 2 - Sierra Leone

Group 3 - Chile

Group 4 - Brazil

Group 5 - India

Group 6 - China


Students will bring together their analytical, organization and interpreting skill to create a 10-minute presentation.  This project requires the use of 3 primary sources, 2 secondary sources and 1 source from a database. Students will use the computer lab to complete their research and put together their presentations for a total of 3 periods.  One classroom period will be dedicated to synthesis your information.  Two periods will be set aside for the presentations and a 5-minute question and answers.  I will be during class periods, extra help, my prep period and lunch to assist your group and answer questions.