Global History & Geography II - Grade 10


As mentioned on the homepage, this course of study will start at the end of the 18th century and will cover topics to present day. 


Topics of Study:

Unit 1: The World of 1750

Unit 2: Enlightenment, Revolution, and Nationalism

Unit 3: Cause and Effect of the Industrial Revolution

Unit 4: European Imperialism

Unit 5:  Unresolved Global Conflicts (1914-1945)

Unit 6: Unresolved Global Conflicts (1945-1991)

Unit 7: Decolonization and Nationalism

Unit 8: Tensions between Traditional Cultures and Modernization

Unit 9: Globalization and a changing Global Environment

Unit 10: Human Rights Violations



To be successful in this class, please bring the following everyday:

  • Textbook
  • Writing utensils either blue or black pen
  • Global History Binder  
  • Unit Packet


Keys to Success:  This will be a challenging course that will end in a Regents exam that will also count for your final exam.  Students who wish to be successful in this class and on the Regents exam will need to do the following:  have good attendance; come prepared to learn; engage in the learning process; and be prepared to do a lot of reading and writing in preparation for the exam


Regents Exam:  The Exam consists of three parts:

1. Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):  There will be 28 MCQs these questions will test Students on the courses content and skills.

2. Short Answer Constructed Response Questions (CRQs): Students will assess social science and historical thinking skills using primary and secondary sources. Each set of CRQs is based on a pair of documents and has three parts; context, sourcing, and relationship. There will always be TWO CRQ sets on each examination; one Cause and Effect set and one Similarities/Differences or Turning Point set.

3. Enduring Issue Essay Question: The enduring issues essay question will include five documents. Each of the five documents will contain multiple issues. An enduring issue is a challenge or a problem that has been debated or discussed across time. An enduring issue is one that many societies have attempted to address with varying degrees of success. The task requires students to identify and define an enduring issue based on a historically accurate interpretation of at least three documents, define the issue using evidence from at least three documents, and argue that this is a significant issue that has endured. The argument should include how this issue has affected people or has been affected by people and how the issue has continued to be an issue or has changed over time.

For more information, please visit NYS Education website that discusses the Global History & Geography II Exam


Course Highlights: Even though this will be a rigorous class, we will take some time to enjoy

  • Presentation from a Holocaust Survivor
  • Field Trip to the United Nations (UN)
  • Group Project:  (More details on group project page.)