12 tips and platforms for buying a website

Are you planning to buy an existing website? Whether you want to take over a promising business or glean traffic from a popular site, this solution can be very effective ... As long as you know where you are going!

Beware of overly tempting proposals or hasty decisions. Buying a site is a significant investment, which requires real upstream thinking. How can you be sure you are finding the right deal to develop your website at any agency, for example, a web design company in Pakistan. Here are some tips that you should find helpful.

Precautions to take before buying a website

Before taking out your wallet to acquire a site, a few checks are necessary. Here are the main points of vigilance to consider.

1) The reputation of the site

Found a site for sale with a great design, all at a reasonable price? Don't immediately trust your first impression! Find out about the reputation of the site or owner. Online review sites and forums, or some articles posted by customers, can provide you with valuable information.

2) Navigation and technique

Once you have purchased your site, you can modify it as you wish. But it is even better if it is directly "ready to use"! Please browse the site to assess its navigation quality, its loading speed, and its features ...

Besides, there is a multitude of different platforms and technologies. Ensure the site you are interested in is not designed with an obscure CMS, which has not been updated for ages. If you are not an expert in web development, it is better to opt for a known and accessible platform ( WordPress, Prestashop, etc.)

3) SEO

Another essential precaution: take stock of the SEO potential of the site that interests you. This is especially the case if you want to buy an existing blog; the main objective is to attract traffic.

The easiest way is to request access to the Google Analytics (or Search Console) data of the site in question. But this is not always possible. You can, therefore, conduct your survey by analyzing the positioning of the site on certain keywords. A tool like SEMrush can help you a lot.

4) Income generated

If you want to buy e-commerce, the income currently generated by the site should, of course, interest you. To be sure, ask the owner for supporting documents. If he refuses, it probably means something is wrong ...

5) The price

Just because a site is very expensive doesn't mean it's not worth it. And it is not because a site is cheap that it is necessarily a good deal ...


Therein lies all the difficulty! Depending on the site's traffic or income and its domain name and other criteria, the price can change completely. However, try to calculate the average price range. If a site is above or below, go your way.

How to buy a website?

Now that you know all the pitfalls to avoid, all you have to do is acquire a website… But you still have to find one!

The easiest way to buy or sell a site is still to go through a specialized platform.


DotMarket is a platform for connecting buyers and resellers, which rigorously selects the sites for sale. A real saving of time in the work of verification.


It is possible to buy three types of sites: e-commerce sites, media, and online services.


JVMSI gives you access to many ads in all areas: sale of the dropshipping site, web application, blog, etc.

Micro acquire

Newly created, he mainly specializes in small acquisitions of SaaS companies. You will find on the advertisements some interesting figures of the companies to be sold and you will have the possibility to contact the seller free of charge.


Flippa has been around for quite a while now. It is possible to buy domain names and businesses online. The search engine allows you to quickly filter the type of business you want to buy. You can find e-commerce sites, applications, marketplaces, SaaS companies, etc.

Empire pinball machines

This marketplace favors quality over quantity. You will find many businesses making monthly sales. But as a general rule, the cost of acquiring sites on this marketplace is quite high.