Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Parents,

          We are going to do homework a little differently from now on. We will send home a packet of homework every Monday. That packet is due back to us the following Monday. Some assignments may be activities and in these cases there will be a place for you to sign letting us know that you and your child did them.

         We have told the students that if they complete the work and bring it back on time they will receive 5 bonus points to the lowest grade they made that week. For example, if you child makes an 85 on his/her spelling test and that was the lowest reading grade for the week but completes the homework packet and returns it to us on time, we will add 5 bonus points to that 85 turning the grade into a 90.

         We hope this encourages your child to complete the homework assignments and offer an incentive  for being responsible about bringing it back to school on time. We also hope that giving it to you a week at a time will allow you to work homework into the times that work best for your family. We understand  some nights are busier than others. Thank you for your cooperation and support of your child's education.


Mrs. Allen and Ms. Lowe

P.S. Mrs. Allen is sending home the first packets today. Ms. Lowe will be sending home her first homework packets Monday, January 25th.