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Since 1997 ruiying owning more than 29 patent on fully automatic PET blowing machine, we are specialized in making, fully automatic,

hand feeding automatic, infrared rotary heating oven , PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine , heat resistant bottle mouth crystallizing machine and

so on. Also we are good at manufacturering the PET blowing machine for jar bottle, lttle mouth bottle, cosmetic bottle, PP bottle, oil

bottle and large volume bottle. AlI these machine with high fully automatication, stable performance, gaining the high comment from the

customer home and abroad.


Ruiying machinery is the great choice for botled water, juice, food, phamacy, oil, fully automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturers. Our aim is going to produce

the machine of simple, clean, stable, long life and low power consuming machine for all the customers, welcome contacting us.