English Language Learning Sites

 A Tutorial for Gerunds and Infinitives: Choose the Right Answer: 3 Parts, from "easy" to "expert."  You can stump your teacher with some of these...
You'll Be A Shoo-In!  and Nice to Meet You: Online practice for listening, vocabulary and grammar on-line from the BBC
A Video Explanation on You Tube: professional quality and comprehensive (but not tooooo comprehensive)
 Authentic English
English Magazines and Activities On-Line (A Scholastic Company!) Here you can "read" authentic English language materials, written for English and English-learning teenagers.  Activities and oral files are available as well.
International Dialects of English.  Go ahead and compare New Mexico and New Zealand.  Or India and Indiana.  
Create your own flashcards (with some vocab for English already prepared) for any subject A free flashcard generator to help replace your old-fashioned "Lernkartei-Box"
Learning Games