Team Keeneland Newsletter10-25-10White’s Tower Elementary will be celebrating Red Ribbon week this week.  Red Ribbon Week is designed to help kids stay away from drugs.  The themed days for the kids to celebrate this anti-drug campaign are below:
  • Monday:  Wear Red Day- To kick off Red Ribbon Week!!
  • Tuesday – Drugs Can Turn You Inside Out – Wear your clothes inside out.
  • Wednesday – “Lei” Off Drugs– Wear Hawaiian style clothing to school. 
  • Thursday – Use Your Head, Don’t Do Drugs – Wear your hair crazy.
  • Friday – Stay In the Game and Be Drug Free – Kids wear their favorite sports jersey  or shirt.
What’s Happening On The TrackMs. Hendrickson:4th Grade: We are beginning our new, and very short, Electricity & Magnetism unit.  I have plenty of packets to send home to parents for background knowledge and a little extra so that you can better help your kiddo at home.  Just let me know if you’re interested in one of these.  At this time, the tentative test date is 11-5-10.  There will be a 4th Grade Parent Science Night on 11-9-10 to preview the next unit, Earth & Space Science.  I felt that the previous night was a great success.  There is no cost, so come at 6PM in the school library.  5th Grade: While the 4th graders learn what is going on in the world around us, 5th graders take it a step further and learn why and a deeper understanding of those processes.  I’m so excited to have this talented group of kiddos who are so interested in my class.  We are knee deep in our Motion & Forces unit and I can feel their knowledge growing every day!Mrs. Blust: 4th grade Social Studies: this week we will review government here in Kentucky and we will work on some election activities. 5th grade Social Studies – This week we will Come to America and discuss what we would have brought and why with a class debate.  We will also discuss the Spanish borderlands and the original 13 colonies.Ms. Leffler:  This week, we will begin working on on-demand writing.  On-demand writing is real-world writing.  The students will write either a letter or an article, depending upon the writing prompt.  Sometimes they will have to write to persuade, narrate an event for a purpose, or write to inform.  The topics are always common knowledge topics that the students should be familiar with—for example, writing about bus safety, or trying to persuade their teacher to allow them to have a class pet.Mrs. Squires:  In math this week, the fourth graders will be multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers.  The fifth graders will be taking a multiplication test on Monday, and then working on long division the rest of the week.  All students in both 4th and 5th grades should be studying their multiplication tables.  There will be a quiz every Friday until the classes know their times tables.  This week, the focus of the quiz will be from the zeroes up to the sevens.  The students should study each number set up to “times twelve.”4th Grade Reading:  We’re headed to China for this week’s selection entitled Stealing Beauty.  Our skills for the week include comprehension, fluency, and fact/opinion. Vocabulary Words:

 temples – buildings where people can worship

dynasties – families who rule for a long time

heritage – values and traditions passed down from one generation to another

preserve – keeping something safe

overjoyed – very happy

Spelling Words: