Grading & Homework

Grading and Homework

We will not grade every single paper the kids complete. Sometimes we will correct the paper together in class or complete the paper as a whole class.  We will follow the grading scale set up by Kenton County Schools. It is as follows:

100-93 A

92-85 B

84-75 C

74-70 D

below 70 U/F


Homework will be given on a regular basis but may vary based upon a student or class' needs.  There will be times when your child will have more than other times.  We have mapped out the year and have tried our best not to overwhelm you or interfere with valuable family time, but there will be times when your child has more homework or tests than other times because several units will be ending at the same time or they need extra practice with a concept.  Please be patient and remember that they are now in an intermediate grade and the demands are going to be greater each year. 

Homework Policy:

Homework is expected to be completed and returned the next day unless otherwise stated.  If the student does not bring in their homework on the assigned day, they will forfeit recess on the day it was due to complete the homework.  If the homework is completed at home, they will still need to forfeit recess and start again.  At the end of the recess period, the homework will be collected and the portion that is done will be graded.  If the student has chosen to not use their time wisely, they will be referred to the office for a detention referral.  During detention, they will complete the homework and then it will be graded.  It will not be eligible for correct and return points.   


Although extracurricular activities are very important, they do not excuse a child from homework.   Students do have to complete missed work due to absences either in class or for homework.  This helps a student maintain the pace of the class and pick up any information that they might have missed.


Also there will be times when your child may have multiple tests in a day or week.  That too has been planned for and reviews will be conducted in class for every test that is given.  We may have pop quizzes as well.  The purpose of these is to remind your child that they need to be reading carefully and listening well during lessons.  Because of the testing that takes place in the spring, they need to learn to take multiple tests in different subject areas in one day.  This is what happens with spring testing, so it makes for good practice.  Again, this isn't an everyday occurrence so please be patient and understanding.


Research, by the University of Delaware, as well as other institutions, has shown that project/problem based learning helps children understand and retain what they learn more deeply than traditional methods. For this reason, there will be several projects that your child will have to complete both inside and outside of school.  They will come from a variety of subject areas.  We will give you at least one week's notice as to when they are due.  PLEASE DO WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THE PROJECT.  The children will have other homework to complete and this can add to the load.  However, if you get an early start, then everything should flow smoothly.  Please note that the projects are to be completed by your child and you should only gently guide them in completing the project.  Any work obviously done by a parent will reflect in its grade. 

Correct and Return

 Students who receive a failing grade on an assignment will have the opportunity to correct and return that assignment.  First of all, not all assignments will be eligible for correct and return.  The assignment must have a CR written on it if it is eligible.  Secondly, if the assignment is eligible, the student has until the following day to correct the paper and return it.  After that time, the original grade will be the final grade.  This is a great way for teachers, parents, and students to ensure that children have corrected simple mistakes or taken another look at concepts that may have not been understood the first time.


Quality Work

Establishing excellent work habits is a necessary life skill that students need to learn early in their educational journey to help keep them on the path to success.  Students are expected to complete quality work on every assignment.  Meaning, they are to put forth their best effort, using their best handwriting, and making sure that all questions are at least attempted.