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Welcome to the 2012 - 2013 School Year

 This site is for you.  The tips and links are provided to support you in our work at school.  Please use it.

Below are five tips that will help you throughout the school year. I hope you will use them.



1.   Identify the problem ( What am I being asked to do?)
2.   What strategy or strategies should I use? (look at the problem and see if you have ever seen a  similar problem.
3.   How did you solve it?
4.   Will that work in this case?....Remember that there can be multiple ways to solve a problem)
5.   Solve the problem ( Do the operations. Be careful about your calculations)
6.   Show all work ( This is important because sometimes you have gone through the whole process correctly and because of a careless error your answer is wrong. It is easier to see where you had the difficulty when all you work is showing.
7.   Does my answer make sense? ( Read through the question again and plug in your answer. Is it logical? This is a great check on your work) Remember the processes that you can use:
               Make a list
             Look for a pattern.
           Work backwards
                  Guess and Check
                Draw a Diagram
               Eliminate Possibilities
                  Make a Drawing
                    Use a formula
                 Construct a Table
                    Use logic
          Devise a Similar Problem
 Make a simple problem similar to one you are solving.

TIP #2

Now how do you write how you solved your problem.
Use this type of template to assist you.

The strategy that I used to solve this problem was........
First I read the problem and the question that I needed to answer was.......
Next I gathered the information which was........
In solving the problem I ...................


TIP #3

 Try to teach someone the skill that you are learning this will give you practice not just in the math but also in language.

TIP #4

There are many of the students that are having a problem with estimating in math. This is across the grade levels. Here is an activity that you can do at home that will assist your child. The grocery store is one of the best examples of a place where math is real. It's a great place for practicing measurement, estimation, and quantity. Since trips to the store usually affect everyone in the family, the following activities include various levels of difficulty within the activity. Allowing your children to participate in weighing, counting, and figuring price per unit versus price per pound will help improve their ability to estimate and predict amounts with accuracy.

TIP #5

 MATH FACTS: One of the unfortunate facts of life is that one simply needs to memorize some things. One of those is math facts. You will become better at math if you memorize your facts. This is called automatic memory. There needs to be some skills or tasks that you put into automatic memory so that you are able to recall it quickly ( days of the week, months of the year are other examples)

Try this have someone ask you math facts for a minute. How many are you able to do correctly? Play this game over and over until you find that you are able to beat your score.                        

Note:  Math Tips taken from PATRICIA RAKOVIC                                                    


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