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Extra Practice Websites

Below are links to websites I have used in the past and find are valuable resources for students who want to get ahead or need extra practice.  Each month, I will add more links as more units are introduced.  For the 1st Quarter I chose to address Reading/Writing and Math.  Look for Science and Social Studies websites to be added for the 2nd Quarter. 



Gives a brief demonstration of different types of air, boat, motor, and train shows and asks the user to complete a sequencing exercise.

Has students read a paragraph and complete a sequencing exercise.

Lists links to sequencing activities and quizzes containing various steps and topics.

Students must read passages and answer questions based on the readings.

A sequencing practice exercise based on the "Ant and the Grasshopper" Fable.



Compare and Contrast

Allows the user to create their own Venn Diagram using a standard format.

Students can create a compare and contrast flip book using the formate provided.

A link to two compare and contrast reading/writing activities where the user helps the character decide what to do.

Contains a passage on fresh water and salt water.  Students must read the passage and complete a Venn Diagram.  An answer key is provided.



Figurative Language

A hangman games where the user must identify the proper figure of speech.

A word play activity in which the user must identify the proper figure of speech.

Mini worksheets that ask students various questions about different figures of speech.

An activity that explores idioms.

An activity that explores metaphors.

An activity that explores similies.





Elapsed Time

An interactive clock that students can use to see analog, digital, and word form. 

An activity where students can complete elapsed time problems in digital and analog form

Work with Max and Molly to fix the tower clocks.  Users can choose from different difficulty levels.

A clock racer game where the user is the driver in a race to the finish line.  The user is timed on their elapsed time knowledge.



Tables and Graphs

Allows students to choose from different types of graphs to create.

Provides a create your own graphs template.

Pie chart/Circle Graph with 3 different activities where the user can identify the different pieces of the pie.

An understanding graphs streaming lesson with a quiz at the completion of the lesson. 

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