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Developing as a Professional Educator

Reflectioning on my CSTP Goal

My CTSP goal for this year was to focus on assessing my students and the best practices for assessing. I researched some of the best practices for ongoing assessments in the classroom and implemented a few such as note taking during small group instruction and guided reading, and grading and recording classwork. With adding these few pratices I found it much easier to keep track what my students know or what they need more assistance. I will continue these practices. I will continue researching best ways to assess students and implement new ways as I see fit. I'm surprised by how little time and effort it takes to note take during lessons and how beneficial it is for me to keep a log of students understanding.


Professional Goal

One of my professional goals is to get more experience with the Primary Years Program (PYP) curriculum. It is an international curriculum that many of the top international schools have in their schools. It is exteremly important to have training and experience in the curriculum to be hired by a reputable international school. I am planning to take more online PYP Profeesional Developments and look into my next school having the PYP curriculum.


Actions I Will Take to Remain a Connected Educator

I will continue to take PD's that are revelant to my classroom and stay connected on education issues. I will make sure to take advantage of PD's that my school offers to the staff. I plan to remain a connected educator by reading blogs and education articles that are relevant to my interests and the latest education developments. As teachers we are lifelong learners and these are the ways I plan on continuing my education as a teacher. 


How will I sustain my energy to remain passionate about teaching?

As long as I am able to travel the world and have the life structure (which teaching abroad gives me) I will be able to keep my passion of teaching. When I am traveling I become the student and it gives me energy and the will for the upcoming period of teaching. It is my battery recharge. 


Quote from my Administrator

Brenda is a very passionate about her students. You can see she cares for all of them and her students love her back.


Advice for new teachers

Always be prepared for surprises. The most important piece of advice I can give is to be flexible in both your school and home life the first few years. It is exteremly important to find a mentor in your school that you can trust and go to if you have questions and concerns.





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